Why partner with us?

Reach wide potential audience in Malaysia and worldwide.

How you can collaborate with us?

Promote your own brand through promotions, product sponsorships, tie-up events, and partnerships.

We can conduct cooking classes, workshop and onsite events to promote your new products.

Recipe affiliation
Your products will be featured in the printed recipe handouts to every customers.

Product sampling
We can help you distribute your product samples to our members and general customers.


Showcase and sell at the same time!
Customers can experience your products during the lessons, then buy them at the studio or we can refer them to your stores.

Visual marketing
Display promotional images and videos to the large monitors in the studio.

Online marketing
Maximize your product’s exposure through the official website, member’s page, social platform and e-newsletters.

Our Sponsors


Our Affiliates


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Keen to explore these opportunities with us?
You may contact our marketing team through the inquiry form.