"Traversing the philosophical kaleidoscope of Gavin-stronmy."

Gavin Lee

Pavilion Elite Studio


Spoken Languages: English, Malay, Chinese

Speciality: Bread | Cooking

Apart from being an avid bibliophile, I'm also overly regardful with my circumjacent, ergo beholding that our classic recipe, Gâteau Au Chocolat is personally as much as analogous to myself as a whole by all means. I'm a simple gateau started with egg yolk and sugar (base) yet with ostentatiously rich chocolate (flavour) that defy y'all's scorn and shun towards me. Whilst, loaded with plethora of air pressure during the beating process of meringue (leavener) is the connotation for my struggle for wisdom and sense of compassion in which being manifested prodigiously in term of volume of the cake. Forbye, anticipation wallops me while I set on my peregrination to learn and grow in a resolute condition of a high temperature oven. However, shalt I upraise elaborately in such environment, the more of me to stay humble afterwards, cognizing the natural crack of truth on myself that imperfection itself is the greatest perfection of all.