Trial lessons are open to everyone and designed to be fun! Try out a lesson in ABC Cooking Studio and you will fall in love with cooking!

Choose one of the available menu.

Regular Trial Lessons

Seasonal Trial Lesson


How to make a reservation?

You can book your lessons online or by simply calling our studio.
For call-ins, we accept payment by cash or credit card at the studio before the lesson starts.
You can also drop by our studio in Pavilion Elite to get your hands on the course brochure and make reservations for the next day onwards.
To book your lessons online, just choose one of the available menus (Cooking/Bread/Cake) and complete the payment with credit or debit card (VISA/Mastercard) to confirm your reservation.

Why join our trial lessons?

Trial lessons are designed to introduce the joy and excitement of learning cooking or baking to those who come to our studio for the first time.
Students who joined the trial lessons are encouraged to pursue further learning through our regular courses.
After the lesson, our instructors will explain more about the benefits of becoming a member, the registration process, how to make lesson reservations, the course structure and package discounts, payment options, as well as answer any questions you might have about the studio and our courses in general.
This briefing session is only included with the trial lessons, so that’s what makes it different from our other offerings such as one-day lessons.

When are the schedules?

Trial lessons are open everyday in the studio. You can check the schedules online for each lessons up to one month in advance.
The lessons will start from either one of these timeslots – 10:15 AM, 12:45 PM, 3:15 PM, 5:45 PM, 8:00 PM.
You can finish each lessons within 2 hours.

How much does it cost?

We offer a very low price of RM 95 per pax, exclusively for first timers only to try our lessons and introduce you to the studio.
our Facebook page, and you can get a discounted price of RM 70 per pax!
Simply grab the currently ongoing offer here and enter the coupon code when making reservation online.
We frequently give away offers like this every month, so feel free to check back often for the latest events and promotions!

What is provided?

We will provide apron, printed recipe, ingredients and cooking utilities to be used in the trial lessons. You can also bring your own apron if you like.
You may use the locker space to safely store your belongings during the lesson.
Packaging for bread and cake trial lessons are also provided for you to bring back and share with your loved ones. However, dishes from cooking trial lessons are strictly for dine-in only.

Who can join the lesson?

Zero experience is required, therefore even beginners are welcome to join the lessons. Lessons are conducted in small groups with up to 4 participants to 1 teacher, so you will feel comfortable to ask any questions during the lessons.
However for safety reasons, we do have age restrictions for the trial lessons. Cake and bread trials are for 9 years old and above only, while cooking trials are for 13 years old and above only.
Kids age 4 to 8 years old can register for our Kids Course, or join one-day lessons that we offer for kids from time to time such as “Family One-Day Lessons” or “Pokemon One-Day Lessons”.

Can I take trial lessons more than once?

You can, if you are already registered as a member.
As one of the member’s benefits, you can unlock other menus in our trial lessons by introducing your friends or relatives to us.
Read the following section on how you can do just that.

Can I get more discounts?

Absolutely! Students who are already registered as a regular member can join another trial lesson for FREE by referring friends or relatives who are also interested to learn.
By referring new people, members will be rewarded with a free trial lesson ticket which you can select any menu of your choice.
Your friends and relatives will also be able to join the trial lesson together with a further discounted price of RM 50 per pax!
Kindly contact your instructor for more details.

Do you have other menus for trial lessons?

Yes, we have! Besides our highly popular regular trial lessons, we also open seasonal trial lessons from time to time.
The menu may vary every few months and will be offered in limited time. Register for our newsletter or like our Facebook and Instagram page so you will not miss the announcement!
Terms and conditions apply.

Can I join the trial lesson without reservation?

Unlike a restaurant, we need to assign instructors who will come fully prepared for the lesson. We will also prepare the ingredients according to the number of students to ensure all our customers use only the freshest and highest quality materials. We keep our promise to you that each instructor will teach a maximum of only 4 students per table, so that you will get the attention and feel comfortable throughout the lesson. So yes we do require all our students to make a reservation before every lessons in order to meet these standards.