About Us

Our Story

ABC Cooking Studio always believes that happiness can be found using food as a medium. Through the joy of making and eating, smiles are born. We wish to bring joy to others by guiding them on how to make healthy cuisine and we hope that this cycle of happiness can grow and spread wider. And of course, bring smiles to dining tables all around the world.

NOV 1985

Start-up of company with the merging of tableware and cookware - selling company with cooking school by Hiroyuki Yokoi at Fujieda-shi, Shizuoka

MAR 1993

First Studio opened in city centre in Shibuya

DEC 2010

First studio opened overseas in Shanghai, China (Joy-City Studio)

DEC 2016

First Studio opened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Pavilion Elite Studio)

SEP 2017

ABC International Passport launched to connect members with studios Worldwide

DEC 2018

Second Studio opening in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (The Gardens Mall Studio)

Why ABC Cooking Studio

Small Group

We always keep our class size small to a maximum of 4 people, so that you enjoy the optimal amount of time with our instructors.

Plan your lessons

We conduct numerous classes each day, with various menus, timing and instructors that you can choose from, hence you are able to plan and select the class that best fits your schedule or preference.

5 Courses to Choose from

You can choose between cake, cooking, bread, wagashi and kids courses. You can also take up a package with a mixture of different courses to enjoy a cheaper rate.

Zero Experience Needed

Beginners with no experience are welcome to attend the lesson. We provide you with a guided and yet hands-on-experience in making foods and we will not let you go home with a failed product.

ABC Original Illustrated Recipes

You can bring back the original illustrated and easy-to-understand recipe developed specially by our professionals in Japan at the end of each class. You will be able to follow the recipes even you are at home.

ABC License

With ABC License, you will have privileges to access our database for any future recipe releases, with videos. You will receive a glass plate engraved with your name as proof of your achievements, and also have the right to use recipes for commercial uses.

ABC Passport

Going for a vacation? Remember to include ABC Cooking Studio in your itinerary and attend one FREE regular lesson at each participating country.

Beginners To Masters

We offer course with varying difficulty level. You can start from Basic courses and further sharpen your skills in Master course.

We are expanding


Studios (as of April 2021)

  • Japan Nationwide 100 Studios

  • Overseas 38 Studios

  • Approximately 1.5 mil Members

Opened in 8 countries/regions, 14 cities with 38 studios (as of April 2021)