Members Privileges

♥ As an ABC Member, you may attend trial lesson more than once (and for FREE) if and only if, you bring along a new friend (first-timer non-ABC member) each time you attend a Trial Lesson! In addition, both the ABC member and the referred friend MUST attend the Trial Lesson together. Your referred friend can enjoy a special discounted price of RM65 per person!

♥ If you successfully referred your friend to join ABC as a Member, you will receive a complimentary lesson ticket as a gift from us. This lesson ticket allows you to attend a Regular Lesson for free!

♥ You can also enjoy an exclusive Member-only discount on our retail merchandise when you present your membership card upon making payment. However, do note that Members are not allowed to share or buy items on behalf of a non-member friend/family.

♥ You will also be prioritized for any 1-Day lessons, events or workshops that we have at our studio. You will be able to enjoy discounted price for these 1-Day lessons, events and workshops as well.

♥ Upon signing up as an ABC Member, you will receive an ABC passport. This ABC passport allows you to attend free Regular Lesson at selected overseas ABC Cooking Studio.

♥ ABC membership is a lifetime membership that requires a one-time payment only. You will be issued a Membership card with a 10-digits membership ID number that you can use to log in to the ABC Website for Members to manage your lessons, update application details and to make any inquiries.