Founded in 1818 in Kumamoto, Japan, Hamadaya prides itself on heritage and tradition. Using a closely-guarded 200-year-old time-tested recipe, 7th generation brewmaster Hironari Hamada ensured uncompromising aroma and taste by handcrafting Hamadaya sauces with superior quality raw ingredients.

In Malaysia, Hamadaya offers three (3) soy sauces: Japanese Soy Sauce, Japanese Seasoning Soy Sauce and Japanese Reduced Salt Soy Sauce, one (1) oyster sauce: Japanese Oyster Essence Sauce, and two (2) Oden Soup Base: Japanese Oden Soup Base, and Spicy Japanese Oden Soup Base.

The award-winning and internationally-recognised (by Monde Selection and the International Taste Institute) sauces are halal-certified in Malaysia and ready-to-use.

Japanese Soy Sauce

A classic savoury condiment that’s a favourite among connoisseurs everywhere. This naturally brewed soy sauce is highly versatile whether it is for dipping, cooking or even using on its own as a mixing sauce for rice or soup base.

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Japanese Seasoning Soy Sauce

This soy sauce is naturally brewed and infuses exquisite hints of umami with the sweetness of soybeans. The refreshing taste complements a variety of culinary creations from classic Japanese cuisine to fusion flavour dishes. It is great as a dipping sauce, marinade, sauté and many more.

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Japanese Reduced Salt Soy Sauce

This soy sauce uses a new patented brewing technique and contains a 25% reduction in salt compared to its counterparts. Offering a refreshing taste, it’s ideal for dipping sashimi and anyone aiming for a healthy lifestyle. Aside from dipping, this soy sauce can be used for marinade, mixing sauce and more.

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Japanese Oyster Essence Sauce

Made from only the freshest and natural oyster extract, this oyster sauce is delicately crafted to bring you a rich oyster sauce of the finest quality. A refreshing taste that is great especially for glazing, stir-fry or even use for marinade and roasting on any cuisine.

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Japanese Oden Soup Base

Oden is a traditional Japanese one-pot dish enjoyed in Japan especially during the colder months. Made as a soup base, it brings together Hamadaya’s 200-year-old secret soy sauce blend with a delicate touch of kelp and mushrooms. Oden is the perfect comfort food that family and friends can enjoy at home by simmering this light broth in a variety of ingredients such as fishcakes, tofu, eggs, meat and more.

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Japanese Spicy Oden Soup Base

Introducing the classic oden soup base with a twist! This spicy oden soup base is curated with the Hamadaya’s 200-year-old secret blend of soy sauce and chilli combination to give spice-lovers a sizzling heat sensation. It works especially well as a hotpot or steamboat base that can be sampled with your family and friends in the comforts of your home. Try it today!

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