NeuVida is backed by Yee Lee Corporation Bhd group (YLC), a reputable cooking oil company that has been operating since 1968 with over 50 years of experience in the cooking oil industry.

NeuVida was born to cater for modern family needs as a premium range of healthy cooking oil, lovingly crafted as a modern kitchen solution to help you cook up a storm and satisfy your taste buds without feeling guilty.

NeuVida High Oleic Cooking Oil (1kg / 2kg)

If healthy living is your ultimate way of life, look no further than NeuVida cooking oil. Beloved for its high Oleic Acid content, NeuVida cooking oil is your perfect ally in maintaining your state of well-being with a cleaner, healthier diet.


Why choose NeuVida over olive oil?

  • High Oleic Acid

Unlike trans fat that is bad for the heart, Oleic Acid, a.k.a. Omega-9, is a beneficial fat that helps you maintain a healthy heart.

With the Oleic Acid content in NeuVida 10% richer than olive oil, your body can maintain the health of your cells, and when your cells are healthy, your body works better!

  • 0% Trans Fat

Among all the cooking oils in today’s market, NeuVida has the lowest saturated fat content with ZERO trans fat. this healthy profile ensures you a lower-calorie consumption to achieve cardiac and arterial health.

  • 245°C Smoke Point

While olive oil cannot be used for deep-frying, NeuVida can!

Normal stir-frying temperature can reach up to 180°C while deep-frying can reach up to 200°C. Cooking oils that cannot bear such high heat may turn into cancer-causing compounds.

But worry not, NeuVida is specially extracted from premium sunflower seeds, allowing it to withstand up to 245°C.

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