ABC License Campaign


1 - 31 Oct

Exclusive 1 Month Special
✨ 1st – 31st Oct 2020

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Dear members,

Ever wonder what is beyond our Basic and Masters’ course?

Now is your chance to obtain our ABC License which is one of our best selling item in Japan!

Sign up this month and enjoy 2 FREE Service Ticket.

Why ABC License?

♪ Professional proof of completion of lessons with ABC Cooking studio.

♪ New ABC Course Recipe will be uploaded constantly. Students will have access to latest collection of recipes.

♪ Continue to attend our courses with PREMIUM price.

♪ Students can use our original recipes in different ways i.e. organize some home school baking class and bake for your love ones at home.

Find out more from our Instructors. It’s definitely a deal of a lifetime!


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