Attractiveness of Okinawa


Brown Sugar – Okinawa’s World – Class Healthy Sweetener

The components of refined white sugar are mainly saccharine. In comparison, brown sugar contains minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, vitamin B1, B2 and even essential amino acids. This product is crafted by squeezing and boiling down Okinawa sugarcane. Enjoy the bold, rich flavour and aroma.

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Shikuwasa – The Okinawan Citrus Fruit of Longevity

Stroll the streets and backyards of Okinawa and you’ll come across trees bearing flat, green citrus fruits known as Shikuwasa. It contains plenty of vitamin C, an excellent antioxidant, citric acid and it is made out of 100% Natural Shikuwasa Fruit Juice. The uniqueness of Okinawa Shikuwasa are fresh aroma, sourness, and a little bitterness that contains in the peel.

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