Celebrating Diversity


1 - 31 August 2022

We take pride in our diversity as a nation and we also take pride in our diversity as a cooking studio providing fun and casual lessons. This national month, let us celebrate diversity with food as a universal language!

With the many courses to choose from, find yourself immersed in therapeutic kneading with bread lessons, sparking creativity through cakes and desserts in all forms, and building bonds with people over a home cooked meal.

Start with us if you haven’t, or continue your journey learning more as we bring you the Beginner Set at a discounted price from 1 – 31 August 2022. With 20 lessons stretched over 22 months to complete on a flexible lesson schedule, brush away the excuses of having no time and make your way to any of our Studios to learn more or purchase online.

*This promotion is non-refundable.
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Pavilion Elite Studio / The Gardens Mall Studio
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