The Gardens Mall Studio Seasonal Trial Lesson


6 June - 3 July 2024

Prepare for a doughy adventure as we play with shapes at The Gardens Mall Studio with Chicky Meets Bagel, where you will discover the joy of bagel-making. 🍅🥯

Unveil the fun of making tomato-shaped bagels (3 pieces) in an easy way as opposed to our popular bagels in the Bread Master course, but hold onto your aprons because we are about to turn up the flavour! Brace yourself as we transform one into a delectable Bagel Sando, loaded with caramelized onions and tender grilled chicken that will have your taste buds singing. 

Let’s shape up some tasty creations together with your slots reserved at HERE. 

*Strictly no refund and rescheduling allowed. 
*Lesson is open to participants 13 years old and above only.   
*The product image shown is for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary.  
*Bring your own apron for the lesson or rent one at RM1 each.  


The Gardens Mall Studio
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