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16 - 31 August

Be delighted with the Mushroom Gratin Bread that makes a great option on meatless days but still leave you with a contented tummy after! Learn to make these creamy mushroom bread in two shaping forms – rugby and roll shapes.
The heat has been a little unbearable and we thought the Lemon Cream Cup Chiffon could do a little help. Learn to make these cute lemon chiffon cups filled with refreshing lemon cream. This will be a hit with both kids and adults!
Lesson Date: 16 – 31 August 2021
Enjoy the benefits of Online Beginner Lessons:
😊 Baking at the comfort of your home
😊 Interactive live online lesson with real-time coaching by Instructors
😊 Lessons open to Members & Non-Members
Have your tools and ingredients prepared and begin your journey in the kitchen with us!


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