Enchanting Mid-Autumn Mantou Workshop


18-30 Sept 2020

*ABC Workshop✨
Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival
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Join us in making these cute character buns which reflects the folk tales of Mid-autumn Festival.

Master the art of making soft and fluffy steamed buns. Understand the kneading, fermentation and shaping process that goes into achieving a smooth surface steamed buns.

You will be surprised that there is no artificial colouring is used! Learn to incorporate vibrant colours in dough the natural way.

There is no doubt our Chang Er and Jade Rabbit steamed buns are hard to resist!


*Available at Pavilion Elite Studio & The Gardens Studio.
*Limit to 9 years & above only
*No refunds & rescheduling
*All online reservations are open to Members and residents (Malaysians) only.

Book your slots now as we have limited seats available only!
Booking available from 28 Aug 2020 onwards.

For Pavilion Elite Studio, click HERE to reserve.
For The Gardens Studio, click HERE to reserve.

Email enquiries at info@abc-cooking.com.my


Pavilion Elite Studio & The Gardens Studio.
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