Extended 1 Day Lesson – Hanami Set


7 May - 30 June

Good news!

Your favourite 1 Day Lesson Hanami Set will be extended until 30 June 2021!

Feel the first blush of spring with this exclusive Hanami Set, featuring a medley of popular Japanese desserts. Make a light & fluffy Sakura chiffon roll, filled with white bean cream. Next, enjoy buttery scones rich in Matcha Flavour.

With this Hanami Set, various Japanese traditional desserts are included as well! Learn to create Sakura Kanten, a jelly in made with pickled cherry blossom. Not only we can enjoy the visual beauty of cherry blossoms, but we can incorporate them into these yummy desserts. Next, make Dorayaki with red bean filling between two slices of fluffy pancakes. Lastly, a chewy Ichigo Daifuku stuffed with a fresh juicy strawberry and sweet red bean paste.

These treats are perfect to be shared with friends and family.

What’s even more? You can receive 1 set of Luminarc Jar from Panasonic with purchase of Hanami Set. So why wait? Share this piece of news to your friends & family. Let us build a bigger ABC family together for endless rewards!

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*Please email us at info@abc-cooking.com.my for rescheduling of reserved 1 Day lesson affected by MCO


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