Pavilion Elite Studio Seasonal Trial Lesson


4 - 30 Nov 2023

Blooming extended!! Elegance gracefully unfurls in each layer of our Charlotte Bloom! 💜 

Discover the hidden artistry behind a beautifully layered Charlotte sponge adorned with dual-hued stripes, filled with luscious creamy taro to impeccably complement the natural tartness of blueberry-infused sour cream.  

Allow your creativity to flourish as you delicately pipe petals onto this beauty creation. Lastly, crown it with a sumptuous blueberry fruit spread and delicate silver dragées. ✨💜 

Join us at Pavilion Elite Studio, where you’ll find the beauty of Charlotte Bloom in full bloom. Book your slots now at HERE.  

*Strictly no refund and rescheduling allowed.  
*The product image shown is for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary.  
*Bring your own apron for the lesson or rent one at RM1 each.  


Pavilion Elite Studio
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