*Extended! Seasonal Regular Bread Lesson


1-31 Oct

October Members Exclusive
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Bonjour ABC Members!
Craving a crusty French loaf? Look no further.

Due to overwhelming demand, we have extended our Seasonal Regular Bread Lesson!

Join our Bread For Life promotion and get an extra lesson. Use this extra lesson to join out specially selected menu in October! Members can also learn this lesson from their regular Bread course pakage but
Why settle for less when you can have a better deal with our promotion?

Most French baguette starts with a dough starter, also known as pre-ferment which is time consuming to prepare. Learn to make this hassle-free baguette within 2 hours while achieving a crispy crust and chewy texture.

Master & understand the art of shaping, scoring, proofing and baking of bread. Learn to score bread, making shallow cuts that gives baguette its’ signature look.

We have also added a special twist in our baguette assortments where Olive Cheese, Honey Citron and Chocolat Berry flavor is incorporated. You now have an Artisan Baguette for every occasion!

Lesson extended to 31 Oct 2020.
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