New Partner On Board


From September 2022

NeuVida Premium High Oleic Cooking Oil is here to bring guilt-free and healthier cooking to our lessons and to you!

If healthy living is your ultimate way of life, look no further than NeuVida cooking oil. Beloved for its high Oleic Acid content, NeuVida cooking oil is your perfect ally in maintaining your state of well-being with a cleaner, healthier diet.

Have no worries when you attend lessons involving light-cooking, deep-frying or even our baking and wagashi menus that uses vegetable oil as NeuVida is able to withstand 245ºC of high heat and is safe to be taken raw, making it a great choice for all types of culinary and baking.

Catch NeuVida in our lessons and be ready to savour the true guilt-free indulgence!


Pavilion Elite Studio / The Gardens Mall Studio
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