Online Beginner Lesson


3 July - 15 July

As FMCO has just been extended, we are bringing all sweet tooth a new menu in our Online Beginner Lesson! Learn to make the Ichigo Souffle Cheesecake that is surprisingly light and topped with sourish berries and cheesy cream, just right to satisfy your craving without too much burden.

Thinking of freshly made bread hot from the oven for the family? Worry not as we are extending the Ham Cheese & Mocha Brunch Roll! Learn to make two flavours of bread with just one dough that is filled with ham and cheese in one and coffee aroma with chocolate chips in another.

Promotion date: 3 July – 15 July

Enjoy the benefits of online beginner lessons of:
☺ Baking at the comfort of your home
☺ Interactive live online lesson with ABC Instructor with real-time coaching
☺ Get new ideas for meals and learn new skills
☺ Lessons open to Members & Non-members

What are you waiting for? Prepare your own ingredients and join now at just a click away.

Reserve your lesson now.

♥ Ham Cheese & Mocha Brunch Roll
♥ Ichigo Souffle Cheesecake


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