Wagashi are traditional sweets in Japan. Explore the culture of Wagashi, its history and background through our Wagashi Course. Learn the different techniques of shaping, wrapping, steaming and using of various ingredients to create these delicate and luxurious Japanese confections at home with simple tools and skills.


Jan | Jul

Sui-ren Nerikiri

A symbol of purity and attaining enlightenment.

2 types, 3 pieces each
Matcha Roll

Soft Japanese matcha roll with bean paste and yuzu jam filling.

18cm diameter, 1 whole roll

Feb | Aug

Imo Kintsuba

Sweet potato coated with a thin layer of batter and lightly pan-fried.

9 pieces
Kuri Manju

Oven-baked autumn confection shaped to look like chestnuts.

2 types, 4 pieces each

Mar | Sep

Pan-Fried Kusa Mochi

Yomogi mochi that has a refreshing grassy flavour, pan-fried for a slightly crispy texture.

10 pieces

2 varieties of round mochi stuffed with sweet bean filling.

2 types, 3 pieces each

Apr | Oct

Sakura Nerikiri

Sakura flower in two shapes and styles.

2 types, 3 pieces each
Sakura Mochi

Enjoy the Kanto and Kansai style of sakura mochi with two different taste and texture.

2 types, 4 pieces each

May | Nov

Kiku Nerikiri

Representative flower of Japan in two hues.

6 pieces
Steamed Chestnut Yokan & Karukan

Steamed sweet bread made of rice flour, sugar and grated Japanese yam.

12cm x 7.5cm, 2 pieces

Jun | Dec

Asa-tsuyu & Ryokuyo Nerikiri

Delicate shaping of a refreshing early start in the morning.

2 types, 3 pieces each

A vibrant 3-layered steamed cake made of smooth sweet bean paste, eggs and flour.

12cm x 7.5cm, 2 pieces

Wagashi Course

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