Experience the rich culture of Wagashi, its history and story through the Wagashi Course. Learn the ingredients and different techniques on how you can make these delicate Japanese sweets easily at home.



Sui-ren Nerikiri

Lotus flower blooming on water has a mysterious power to calm one’s heart. The imagination of lotus flower and lotus leaf is presented using the nerikiri-making method.

2 types, 3 pieces each
Matcha Roll

A moist Japanese-style matcha roll cake wrapped with light yuzu-scented matcha bean paste.

1 whole, 18cm length


Imo Kintsuba

A kind of Japanese sweet called “kintsuba” that uses plenty of sweet potatoes, then coated with a light batter and pan fried.

9 pieces
Kuri Manju

Made by wrapping bean paste made with chestnuts in a wheat flour and egg dough, learn to shape them in two variations that resembles chestnut.

2 types, 4 pieces each


Pan-Fried Kusa Mochi

A rice cake confectionery that has a unique scent from the mugwort mochi dough, wrapped with red bean paste and pan-fried for a slightly crispy texture.

10 pieces

Learn to make two types of mochi skin using two methods, with one wrapped with salted red bean paste and another with black sesame bean paste.

2 types, 3 pieces each


Sakura Nerikiri

Express the spring scenery with cherry blossoms in two elegant forms using wagashi tools such as the triangular stick.

2 types, 3 pieces each
Sakura Mochi

Enjoy the Kanto and Kansai style of Sakura mochi that has their own delicious mix of flavours and texture. You will learn how to handle pickled sakura flowers and leaves as well as various wagashi ingredients.

2 types, 4 pieces each


Kiku Nerikiri

A noble flower that has been valued for its auspiciousness and used as a decorative flower for the New Year, craft them using special scissors and cutting technique.

6 pieces
Steamed Chestnut Yokan & Karukan

A sweet bread steamed in two layers, with the bottom layer made of sweet bean paste and chestnuts and the top layer made of rice flour and grated Japanese yam.

2 pieces, 12cm x 7.5cm each


Asa-tsuyu & Ryokuyo Nerikiri

Wake up to summer with fresh and short-lived morning dew as well as lush green leaves with delicate shaping.

2 types, 3 pieces each

Also known as floating island, it is a light layered steamed cake made with smooth sweet bean paste, eggs and flour.

2 pieces, 12cm x 7.5cm each

Wagashi Course

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