Online 1 Day Lesson – Hokkaido Cookies


26 may - 7 June

Hokkaido Cookies

If you’ve been dreaming of a trip to Japan, but you just don’t see it happening any time soon, then we’ve got just the thing to feed your wanderlust.

Join us in our Hokkaido Cookies Online 1 Day Lesson from 26 May – 7 June 2021! Hokkaido Cookies is the go-to souvenir sweets to bring home from Hokkaido. Learn to bake this Japanese regional sweet which consists of langue-de-chat style sandwich cookies fillings come in white, dark, strawberry and green tea chocolate varieties. It is creamy, rich, sweet, and it taste as it sounds, just like lovers. This sweet Hokkaido cookie is great on its own, during any season, or with a warm cup of tea. If you’ve wonder how is it possible for a cookie sandwich to be this good, let’s join our Online 1 Day Lesson to discover the secret behind Hokkaido cookies.

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* Dry ingredients pack will be delivered to your doorsteps 1 day before the actual lesson.
*Free delivery for Kuala Lumpur, charges of RM15 applies for area outside of Kuala Lumpur.
*Open to members & non-members.


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