Kids Online Regular Lesson


30 May - 7 June

Nutritious Triple Corn

Your little one will no longer just be sitting with the family at the dining table having his own special “curated” meal.

Get your little one to join us for our kids online regular lesson. Let kids explore the wonders of cooking under the guidance of our instructors. Learn how to prepare a delicious cheesy corn pizza paired with butter popcorn and healthy corn tea. It’s perfect!

Enjoy the benefits of online lessons:

☺ Baking & Cooking at the comfort of your home
☺ Interactive live online lesson with ABC Instructor with real-time coaching
☺ Receiving 2 sets of ingredients for the menu

♪ Free delivery for Kuala Lumpur, charges of RM15 applies for area outside of Kuala Lumpur

♪ Exclusive for existing Kids Course Members only

♪ Lesson will be deducted from kids regular course credit

♪ Lesson must be accompanied by an adult

Get ready with a fun-filled time with your kid by booking your lessons now on Members Hub.

* Dry ingredients pack will be delivered to your doorsteps 1 day before the actual lesson.


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