A New Fruity Month with Online Beginner Lessons 🍌 πŸ₯ πŸ₯­


1 - 15 August

We don’t go monkeying around when it comes to cakes and you can trust on the skills you would pick up in Monkey Roll, a playful match between chocolate and banana. Learn to make this soft chiffon roll cake filled with chocolate cream and banana.
Calling out to fans of sweet breads as Tropical Mango Boat may just be for you. Learn this Japanese sweet bread filled with yogurt custard and topped with kiwi and mango.
Lesson Date: 1 – 15 August 2021
Enjoy the benefits of Online Beginner Lessons:
😊 Baking at the comfort of your home
😊 Interactive live online lesson with real-time coaching by Instructors
😊 Lessons open to Members & Non-Members
Have your tools and ingredients prepared and begin your journey in the kitchen with us!
❀️ Monkey Roll
❀️ Tropical Mango Boat


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