Online Beginner Lesson


17 July - 31 July

Find some fun and brush up your kitchen skills with new menus in our Online Beginner Lesson from 17 – 31 July!
Starting off with Nikujyaga, a hearty meat and potato stew that will remind you of mum’s cooking. Learn the fundamentals of Japanese seasoning as well as basic cutting skills. We will also introduce you to otoshibuta – the must-have kitchen equipment in Japanese cooking. Enjoy the dish with hot rice as well as miso soup made with bonito stock and you’ll have a warm wholesome meal!
*Nikujyaga contains beef / chicken and is open to participants aged 13 years old and above only.
Want something more fancy that makes a nice gift too? Go for Mossy Garden, a matcha cake light in texture but deep in flavour, with delicate topping of white chocolate and matcha powder. Put your meringue-making skills to use in this menu, where we will also teach you in making simple cake moulds with parchment paper.

Lesson Date: 17 – 31 July 2021

Enjoy the benefits of Online Beginner Lessons:

☺ Baking at the comfort of your home
☺ Interactive live online lesson with real-time coaching by Instructors
☺ Get new ideas for meals and learn new skills
☺ Lessons open to Members & Non-members

What are you waiting for? Prepare your own ingredients and join now at just a click away.


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